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What do hit artists like Bad Bunny, Rosalia, J Balvin, and breakout star Richie Alexander have in common? Cultura (culture)

When it comes to appreciation towards culture and the beloved aspects pertaining to our roots, movement through music, may be one of the most quintessential elements that make up the Latin foundation. As sought after as it may be, producing music isn’t merely about superstardom or topping billboards, ultimately it boils down to human connectivity.

LBC (Long Beach, CA) raised artist Richie Alexander states that when it comes to sounds and the ways in which we relate

“It’s universal. the language of GOD. ‘

Adamant to breach new audiences, around the world, with his Latin American centered sound, Richie playfully states that his creativity and perspective are always expanding, even in the most unexpected of ways.

“I always compare music to being a vampire.  When a vampire turns, he or she sees the world through “vampire eyes”. It’s the same world as before, but now the perspective has changed. The colors are different. The smells are stronger. That’s how I see and feel music, that’s why I love making it.”

Destined to make music that transcends, this well versed artist is hopeful that his new unreleased debut album Playa Larga, produced by his own label L.A Nueva Ligas, will be a testament to the beauty rooted in where he’s originally from —  Barranquilla, Columbia.

With fun percussion packed sounds that can thump, to latin romanticized lyricism, and sultry sounds Richie Alexander is sure to be the next big multifaceted artist in Reggaeton, Hip-Hop, and R&B worldwide.

“My purpose is to touch as many people as I can. To let them know you can literally be what you want to be in this life. NO MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM – IT’S ALL POSSIBLE!”

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