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Pink Nois on Preludes and his new EP

Pink Nois returns to the music world after a year long hiatus with his latest EP, “Prelude No. 2,” which released on December 30th. In speaking with Pink Nois, one thing that I quickly came to understand is that everything that he does is largely connected and that he is always thinking three steps ahead.

“Prelude No. 2,” is exactly what it claims to be: a second prelude that is heralding something bigger on the horizon. In Pink’s first “Prelude” EP, he showcased three different songs linked to his three different personas who help us navigate the multiverse hidden in his discography. This EP was immediately followed by his sophomore album, “Silver Sabre.”

I ask him if the name “prelude” on an EP implies that an album is coming down the line, and if that will be a consistent pattern we see in his discography.

“Yes, if there is a ‘prelude’ EP that ever drops, expect an album to be close behind.”

In “Prelude No. 2,” the only character that  holds our attention is Pink Nois in all his versatile and dynamic forms of musical expression. If you feel like the EP is all over the place, you’re in luck. That’s exactly the feeling Pink wants to instill in the listener.

“Pink Nois is a character that is insanely powerful and can do almost anything. I wanted to show that in ‘Prelude No. 2’ by making it as diverse as possible while still connecting each song with feelings and transitions and moods.”

The ability to do anything is unequivocally shown. On “UNDEFINED,” we explore a poppy, Frank Ocean, “In My Room” and Sango-inspired soundscape, complete with production by Nine Seven PTA and a feature from long-time friend and musical partner, Thai. That happens right before being thrown out a door into snowy Japan over a Drake-like, “timestamp song”-eqsue beat with Pink going bar for bar, reminding us that despite growing up, he is still the scrappy young spitter we found in Scott Free. Although seemingly disconnected now, “Prelude No. 2” holds key components to a fantastic and cohesive adventure that is yet to show itself present.

“I have been crafting this sonic journey for 8 years now, which is really just a hyper-dramatization of my own life. I really want people to understand that Pink Nois isn’t just an artist name or a brand; it’s an immersive experience. It’s literally my life and my creativity given form. To be honest, “Prelude No. 2,” is the first Pink Nois character-focused project ever! Every song on it is only a fragment of the larger story surrounding this character, and that story is coming soon. You guys have seen Silver Sabre, Scott Free, and even the Author, but now, I want to bring in the main character of the whole story. And to make it clear: he is not the hero. He’s not a villain either, but he’s definitely not a hero.”

Conversations with Pink’s team have alluded to this album being one of his most ambitious ones yet, especially factoring in the possibility of a deluxe album and exciting new music videos to be released as well. Pink’s most recent post on his Instagram says:

“Let’s try this again. March 2023.”

If this is in regards to the album release, then March can’t come soon enough.

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