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Mykael Tartt Aka Myke Freeman Celebrity Tour Host



Mykael Tartt also known as, “Myke Freeman”, & “Mo$t Hated” is a touring celebrity promoter and event planner based in Ohio. The Chicago, IL native, Myke Freeman host his own sold-out events and collaborates with others top event planners to create some of the most highly anticipated sold-out events in the city. Myke Freeman is the name that is gaining popularity in business entertainment. He has a unique mentality as he navigates through the music industry with a business and entrepreneur mindset. Myke is a successful event planner and touring celebrity promoter based in Ohio.  He hosts his own events and partner with other big names in the industry. His events are always sold out & they are highly anticipated among the fanbase. Myke has a tremendous fan base in person at events and online on his social media accounts.

He has a loyal fanbase which serves him with respect and makes his events even more enjoyable. He also gained a bigger audience on his social media platforms. His online fanbase helps him gain more followers and work up to make his audience even larger.

Mykael studied at The Wilberforce University, which is the first private HBCU in the US. He completed his bachelor’s in business management. During his studies, he was always motivated to pursue a business career rather than starting a job. His entrepreneurial mindset led him to create the successful and emerging entertainment label “Mo$t Hated Mafia LLC”.

Myke has not only applied the things he learned in his university to his business but also incorporated his real-life experiences. His entertainment label is the work of hard sweat and labor that he has put in all his life. “Being a promoter/event planner is great! I love what I do because I appreciate bringing people together to having a good time. Some of my aspirations are to one day operate my own club, while simultaneously being known as one of the brightest, littest, promoters in the nation”, Myke thoughts on his career.

Myke Freeman of Mo$t Hated Mafia throws some of the biggest parties in Ohio. Locations of parties have included various Mansions, high quality venues, and many more unforgettable places. Growing up his childhood hero was his father. Myke looked up to how his father carried himself and provided for the family. The death of his father and brother to cancer left him in agony, but he overcame it and continued to grow, making his father proud in the afterlife. Myke is a humble person with a strong work ethic. Acknowledging his strengths and weaknesses he said, “My biggest strengths are my ability to communicate, promote, my work ethic, and the will to want to succeed. Some of my weaknesses are sometimes I tend to be too nice & let people do me wrong. I give multiple chances to people that don’t deserve it. Sometimes I work too hard, so I find myself tired often”.

Myke has been featured on many platforms such as This is 50, Billboard Hip Hop, Sheen Magazine, The Hype Magazine, and many more. AG Entertainment is what inspires Myke the most & someday, he wants to become as successful or more than them.

It definitely is not the end and just the beginning for the multi-talented CEO. The strong drive-force to be the best, not only in the state but in the country, is what keeps Myke going. Not sure what the future holds for him, but we do hope that it’s an overwhelming success. Myke Freeman has seen a lot in life and through everything he has never given up. Myke Freeman, also known as Mo$t Hated founder and CEO of “Mo$T Hated Mafia LLC” is here to stay. Connect with Mo$t Hated Mafia CEO Myke Freeman today!

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