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A talented investor in business ventures and real estate, Lord Ivan never lets his love for music get into the way of his business. Learning the tunes from his childhood and performing in front of a crowd, Lord Ivan balances his life between his legacy business empire and a career in the entertainment industry.

It is a risky business. What is? Of course, following your heart. But Lord Ivan believes that it is worth taking the leap of faith. They say that having faith in yourself and following your true calling has long-term benefits. Those who have the patience and perseverance to wait till the end get to witness and experience those heart-warming moments resonating of success, fulfillment, and of a life well-lived. Despite his dedication towards business, Lord Ivan has followed his passion for making a dent in the entertainment industry.

Identify what you enjoy in your formative days

Lord Ivan started composing music in his early teenage years. He continued it as a passion without any interruption, and eventually connected with the who’s who in the industry. Being influenced by the house scene in Switzerland, Lord Ivan took to DJing and making house music as early as in high school.  It wasn’t too late before his songs struck the chord with his fellow mates and gave him the breakthrough moment to compose even more music. Lord Ivan believes that people must take their hobbies seriously even if they do not get enough supporters in the initial days.

Learn from everybody

After building a foundation in house music, Lord Ivan began dabbling with hip-hop trap style beats. To learn through experimenting in new forms and music styles, he associated himself with budding rappers to create beats for them and improvise as per their recommendations. He never felt the need to look back. Lord Ivan believes that continuous learning and finding the right people who are willing to share their knowledge can help individuals attain mastery over their craft and progress in their profession.

Enter the scene of the masters

When he felt that he had mastered his notes in different aspects of music, he focused on entering the scene where professional musicians worked. His biggest performance so far has been opening a sold-out show for 3-time Grammy winner – Nelly. It caught the attention of some major players in the industry, and from there on, he connected with platinum producers who are now working with him for major releases in the coming years. His earlier tracks have already been spun at some of the most prominent nightclubs globally, including Jimmyz in Monaco and VIP ROOM in St Tropez. Lord Ivan feels that entering the organized sector is vital, as it teaches you the subtle difference between following your heart for pure pleasure and for making a career out of it.

When it comes to music, it is clear that his motivation is beyond financial gain. Having a true passion for music and having people come together to enjoy such music is what brings him to create.

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