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Mezz Music: A Rising Star From the Great North

From the heart of Canada, a new music sensation, Mezz Music, is on the rise. With a unique blend of hip-hop, EDM, and lofi, Mezz Music has been making a name for himself in the industry for over three years. Let’s take a look at the burgeoning career, inspirations, and future aspirations of this talented music producer hailing from Hearst, Ontario, Canada.

A Humble Beginning

Mezz Music embarked on his musical journey by producing a lofi beat titled “Old Timer.” His continuous effort to refine his skills and the innate ability to create enchanting music has led him to produce several other beats since then. His latest release, “Mirror V2,” is a testament to how far he has come in such a short span. With a dedication to consistently improve, Mezz Music is a true example of how hard work and persistence can carve one’s path to success.

Inspirations and Musical Style

Being a versatile producer, Mezz Music creates hip hop, EDM, and lofi beats. One of the major inspirations behind his musical journey is Nick Mira, a renowned music producer and songwriter. Just like Nick, Mezz Music has a knack for producing beats that are both captivating and innovative.

His musical style is a reflection of what he enjoys listening to; a melange of EDM, hip-hop, and lofi. By drawing inspiration from various genres, he has been able to develop a unique sound that is fresh and engaging.

Community and Support

Mezz Music’s journey is also a story of community. His friends have been his biggest supporters, encouraging him to push the boundaries and explore new horizons. This sort of support is often crucial for independent artists and can make a significant difference in their career.

Dream Collaborations and Aspirations

If given the opportunity, Mezz Music would love to work with Juice WRLD, the late American rapper, singer, and songwriter. His openness to collaborating with anyone who has potential shows his commitment to creativity and his admiration for talent.

While he has not yet performed live, Mezz Music dreams of taking his beats to the stage in Toronto, one of Canada’s music hubs. Moreover, he aims for a record deal to further his career.

As a self-producing artist, Mezz Music sees himself closer to his dreams in the next five years. This mindset reflects a deep-rooted passion and the drive to achieve great heights.

A Source of Inspiration

Mezz Music is not just an artist but a source of inspiration for many. His dedication to continuous improvement encourages others to never settle and always strive for better. His journey from Hearst, Ontario to producing beats that garner attention exemplifies that with determination, support, and talent, one can work their way towards their dreams, regardless of where they come from.

Stay Connected

To stay updated with Mezz Music’s latest releases and to support an up-and-coming talent, make sure to follow him on his SoundCloud here and Instagram here.

In conclusion, Mezz Music is an artist to watch. With his unwavering commitment, unique sound, and the support of his community, there is no doubt that he will make waves in the music industry.

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