Metro Boomin Welcomes the End of TikTok Era in Music

Renowned producer Metro Boomin expressed relief as Universal Music Group (UMG) decided to sever ties with TikTok. In a Twitter post, Boomin shared his thoughts on the matter, applauding the end of what he referred to as the “TikTok era of music.” The disagreement between the two entities revolves around artist compensation and concerns about the authenticity of songs manufactured for TikTok success.

Boomin acknowledged the creativity displayed by young individuals on TikTok but criticized the “forced pandering” from artists and labels, resulting in what he termed as “lifeless and soulless records.” This marks a significant shift in the music industry, as A-listers like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Nicki Minaj will no longer have their music featured on the popular social media platform.

The article delves into the failed negotiations between UMG and TikTok, emphasizing the disagreement on compensation and artificial intelligence-related issues. Boomin’s stance reflects a sentiment shared by many artists who feel that the platform’s influence on music creation has compromised artistic integrity.

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