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Meet The Traverse City, Michigan Multi-Talent Artist – C.G – Traversing his Way Across The Music Scene

C.G ; Traverse City, Michigan

Q.) What is your name/stage name?

A.) “My names Cody Paul Gerou and my stage name is C.G, my uncle Josh actually suggested that back in summer of 2017 and it just stuck. I’ve had a few different stage names that were kind of wack. C.G was just simple, professional and I liked it.

Q.) Where are you from?

A.) “I was born in Escanaba, MI and moved down to Manton, MI in 2010. Been living in Traverse City, MI with my fiancé for a couple years now.

Q.) What is your favorite thing about living there?

A.) “It’s a beautiful place to live and the possibilities are endless. I love going on scenic drives in the Fall and the summers are nice but short.

Q.) How about your least favorite part?

A.) “Definitely the Michigan winters. I can go without that. Would rather it be warm I’m not much of a cold person.

Q.) How have you been?

A.) “Honestly, I’ve been pretty great lately. I got a good family; great support system and I’ve met so many new people along the way. Within the last year I’ve learned so many new things in and out of the studio, still seeing growth.

Q.) If you could go anywhere or do anything where or what would it be?

A.) “If I could go anywhere, I’d take my fiancé and our parents out of state for a small vacation. Maybe even go on a cruise, just to get away for a bit.

Q.) Tell me this, if you could have any skill what would that be and why? 

A.) ”Yeah, if I could have the ability to just put whatever I’m feeling into words that’d be cool. Sometimes I find myself struggling to find a way to phrase the emotions in a song or even find the finishing word to a bar. It sucks at times.

Q.) How do you think that skill would assist you with your music career?

A.) ”I feel if I could work on that more and be able to find those words, my music would be much deeper, and the listeners could relate more and want to hear more. I don’t want to settle for something that doesn’t hit as deep or go hard just because I couldn’t find something better.

   – C.G Alongside His Fiancé –

Q.) Is there anything you have in the works that you’re willing to share with us?

A.) ”I could spill some tea. I’m currently working on an EP, plan on dropping late this year. Still working out some kinks, might even be an album. I just want it to be my best project thus far in terms of kicking off my career and giving something the listeners can vibe with and show my growth from my first projects.

Q.) When did you realize a career in music was what you’d be pursuing and what made you realize that?

A.) ”Yeah it was just a hobby, I’ve loved music ever since I can remember. It was always just a way to get my emotions out. But I’ve gotten a lot of good word so far and I’m just honestly going where it takes me.

Q.) Is there anything you’ve accomplished this far in your music career that surprised even yourself?

A.) ”I got the opportunity to play my song on the radio (Z93) and interviewed in the studio with the host.

Q.) With that said, I already know you can’t tell us directly but is there any sort of hint as to what your next big move may be that you’re willing to drop?

A.) “It’s not set in stone yet, but if all goes well I’m looking at taking the next step with a label maybe? Help me get out there more and show me the right moves to make. There’s a lot of independent artist, but if I have the opportunity to work with people that know what they’re doing I’m going to jump on it.

Q.) Given its harsh demeanor, what is one of the better parts of being in the music industry for you personally?

A.) “Making new connections. I may have a style I prefer, but I could end up working with another guy that has a completely different style than I do. It’s a work of art to see the finished project and also make a new friendship along the way.

Q.) Any plans for collaborations?

A.) ”I’m open to pretty much anything. Whether it’s another artist or a company with a deal offer, if it’s reasonable or I’m feeling it. Why not?

Q.) What should fans be on the lookout for??

A.) ”I’m just at the beginning, my music isn’t anywhere top tier right now. But I’ve got ambition for this, and I’m getting better everyday. I’m doing whatever it takes to be on that top step.

Q.) Any specific note you want to end this on??

A.) ”Of course. Big shoutout to my Mom and Dad, My fiancé and some close friends, Gabi, Chandler and Trenton. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for these people. I’m blessed to be here with them.

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