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Meet Recording Artist Kolo

Thabiso Dlamini was born on the 11-March-1993 at North-Dale,Pietermaritzburg,but is now based at France,Pietermaritzburg where he has been living with his grandmother since he was three months old ,and later with two younger sisters after his mother was deceased when he was twelve.
Dlamini has four kids from different mothers and one of them stabbed him on his chest.
Dlamini is better known by his stage name Kolo,which was derived from being the first word his baby cousin said to him,since Dlamini was always baby sitting his baby cousin at that time.
During 1999, at 6 years old,Kolo’s uncle would play for him Eminem’s album through cassettes. Yet with very little understanding of lyricism and Eminem’s enigma, the sound and flow grew onto younger Kolo, becoming a major influence in his life where eventually as time passed,he grew to understand Eminem/Slim Shady. Which kick started his passion and dedication to Hip Hop,where even during his primary school events,Kolo would write and perform his own songs.
A songstress who befriend Kolo, advised him to join her at The NFX studios,where he recorded his first track with one of his siblings. After the first studio session,one of the Rappers who records at The NFX studio was impressed enough to ask for a collaboration with Kolo which became a hit in the France Rap game. But the first official track Kolo recorded  was 62 Bars Approximately which gave Kolo a change in perspective on his approach to music.
Kolo’s works with NFX had been a great platform as a collective for support,as his solo journey still continued separately from them.
The year 2014 saw Kolo release his very first E.P titled Masterpiece with 7 tracks which sold over 800 copies and shot a music video of a single named Pictures .
Kolo started getting air plays on 104&107fm on high demand.
For the year 2016 Kolo participated in a competition called More Fire,which unfortunately he lost in the finals .
And 2017 he participated in another competition IMPI,where he finished  runner up as well as in the 2018 Genk competition.
Even those Kolo has had a tough run in competitions he has never been short coming with talent and resilience , In 2021 he released the follow up mixtape Masterpiece Vol.2 which was major improvement from his last work and a learning curve since it didn’t do what it was intended to – ( blow up mixtape) . Still in 2021 things took a different turn as he teamed up with @Faded Souls as a producer/artist role … Producing both Accessions EP and Faded Souls Mixtape which mysteriously was the change of his fortunes – also crafting “The” infamous Faded N Wavy verse and Faded Souls Hook.
In October 2021 Kolo once again released a single track @100 Miles working alongside the likes of NGO , Bongx.V , Keynote and F.Mega(Producer) .
With the song doing extremely well on the social platforms , it was unexpectedly quickly withdrawn …then came forth what was dubbed “The Big One”  – Billie Jean ( MJ Cover) . The single track Billie Jean once again started opening doors which saw Kolo getting private Giggs and topping the charts on the Virpp Official 100 .
Billie Jean took the 5th spot respectively for two weeks and jumped to 1st for a whole week running.
Kolo has announced his intention to release a double track project early in 2022 working alongside Taylor.
Follow Kolo in the links down below!
Instagram:  @kolo78666
#nowplaying Masterpiece Vol.2 by Kolo via @audiomack

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