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Meda Monsta – Unveiling “I’m Only Perfect,” an Album of Growth and Authenticity

 Meda Monsta, the acclaimed music artist, is back with his latest album titled “I’m Only Perfect,” and it’s making waves in the music industry. In a recent interview, Meda Monsta shared insights into the album’s creation and what sets it apart from his previous works. The album’s title, “I’m Only Perfect,” carries a unique backstory. Meda Monsta revealed that it emerged from a period of personal growth during which he made mistakes. Instead of berating himself for being human, he adopted a sarcastic approach, saying he was “only perfect” to cope with these challenging situations. It was during this time that he found himself recording the album, pouring his emotions and experiences into the lyrics. With an impressive 13 tracks, “I’m Only Perfect” marks Meda Monsta’s most extensive project to date. However, the process of selecting which tracks to include was surprisingly smooth. Meda Monsta shared that he relies on the reactions of others to make these decisions. Sending the songs to a group chat formed by close friends for constructive criticism ensures that only the best and most resonant tracks make it onto the album. What makes “I’m Only Perfect” stand out is the unique vibe it brings to the table. Meda Monsta emphasized that all his projects are driven by growth and new experiences. As his life evolves, so does his music, and listeners can expect fresh stories and diverse production on this album. Each track is a reflection of his present life story, ensuring a compelling and authentic musical journey. Among the standout tracks on the album, Meda Monsta highlighted “Track 11 Can Tell Im Different.” This song is a powerful tribute to a close friend he lost, whose story was sensationalized by the media. Fueled by his emotions, Meda Monsta crafted a real and heartfelt record that resonates deeply with listeners. Collaboration plays a significant role in Meda Monsta’s music, and “I’m Only Perfect” is no exception. The album features a collaboration with Knock The Artist, whom he considers family. Having worked together since childhood, this partnership brings an extra layer of connection to the album. With two music videos already released for “Time For War” and “Just Wanna Know,” directed by the talented SIX from Camden, NJ, Meda Monsta is not only treating his fans to compelling music but also visually stunning experiences. In response to whether “I’m Only Perfect” is his favorite album so far, Meda Monsta humbly admitted that the whole album needed time to grow on him. However, the passion and authenticity he felt while recording each track made the project special. While he refrained from declaring it his favorite, he believes it will undoubtedly become one of his classics. As fans eagerly embrace “I’m Only Perfect,” Meda Monsta is already planning for what comes next. With a few tracks already in the works, he is ready to keep the wheel spinning and deliver even more exceptional music for his ever-growing audience.’m-only-perfect/1698465337


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