Massachusetts Own Choziah


Rashaun Day, better known by his stage name Choziah, hails from the vibrant streets of Massachusetts, where the rhythm of life matches the beat of his music. His journey into the world of music was fueled by an insatiable love for the art form, a passion that burns within him like an eternal flame.

Choziah’s career has seen remarkable highs, marked by skyrocketing video views and streaming numbers that have catapulted him into the spotlight. His style and sound are a unique blend of authenticity, high energy, motivation, and melody, captivating audiences far and wide. His lyrical prowess and electrifying performances resonate deeply with his fans, forging a connection that transcends mere music.

Collaboration is key in Choziah’s world, whether through partnership or payment, he embraces the synergy of teamwork. Yet, his journey hasn’t been without its challenges. Navigating differences in musical styles and disputes over profit sharing have tested his resolve, but his spirit remains unbroken.

One of Choziah’s proudest achievements is engineering a record that propelled an artist into superstardom, a testament to his skill and dedication. Motivated by the music itself and fueled by the pursuit of perfection, Choziah pushes himself relentlessly, striving for greatness with each beat he creates.

Social media serves as a bridge between Choziah and his fans, a platform for live interactions and the release of captivating content like music videos. With each engagement, he strengthens his bond with his audience, laying the foundation for a legacy that will endure.

As Choziah looks to the future, his sights are set on releasing his next single, a work in progress that promises to elevate his artistry to new heights. And with a distribution deal on the horizon, his journey is poised to reach even greater heights, fueled by passion, perseverance, and an unwavering commitment to his craft.

Listen to Choziah’s latest track here, and join him on his quest to conquer the world, one beat at a time.

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