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Justine Jakobs Explains Why the Music Industry Isn’t as Glamorous as It Seems

Musicians are and have always been idolized to the point of hysteria by the masses, because people have a unique perspective on music stars. World tours, concerts, flashing lights, flashy clothing, parties, and money—this is how the average person imagines a music star’s life to be. While this is true for the most part, Justine Jakobs believes that something entirely different lies beneath all that glamor.

This young artist from Texas has been in love with the music industry since she was a child, and her life revolved around a burning desire to join the ranks of the musicians she admired. However, just like many other people, Justine’s life was not without its ups and downs.

Her dream had to be put on hold while she attended college and earned her degree. Nevertheless, Justine’s dream of becoming a celebrity was always present, as she always knew that the entertainment industry was her destiny.

As soon as she was done with college, Justine decided to pursue a career in music, and she finally made it. However, looking back at her journey, she realized that her journey was not as glamorous as it appeared at the time. As with many others, she believed that being a music superstar was an extremely glamorous endeavor.

As Justine likes to say, many people don’t realize how much work actually goes into becoming a star. Those few lucky who were “discovered” performing at this or that show or who landed this or that deal are truly lucky, as Justine explains. Still, she says that even those people had to work hard before that magical moment happened.

Nonetheless, even though the journey wasn’t as magical as she hoped, Justine Jakobs claims that she would do it over and over again a hundred times if necessary if it would mean ending up in the same place she is today.

She worked hard to get where she is today, and she plans on staying here for a long time. Follow Justine Jakobs on her Instagram and see what she’s up to.


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