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Itsjackenley is making a name for himself in the music industry

Itsjackenley is a multi-talented musician who seems to be making a name for himself in the music industry.Jackendel desorme , professionally known as itsjackenley is from Cap-Haïtien, Haiti The 21-year-old musician started performing at an early age. Itsjackenley is the founder of jackenleyjackenley and has been working on his songs for a long time.

But the lockdown allowed him to work on something unique and rare. He has a life outside of making music that’s why it is taking him some time to create music. He is different from his pioneers because he believes that his art is different. He is into rap music. He gives little importance to rhyming and focuses also on phrasing and the data in it.

To stand out from the rest of the musicians, one needs to attract the attention of the audience. He knows how to display his ideas in a way that attracts listeners. He does that to hook in more fans. Intense rap music is a way to be unique. He stands out of the crowd interestingly and powerfully because of his music. He is working on new numbers.

Promethaleann has an outstanding TikTok account he used to engage his fans was recently disabled he hopes to get back his account with over 11k+ followers on TikTok and 31k+ on Instagram. He is best known for his single “ we got ” He is the CEO of his own record label. His record label Is called jackenleyjackenley.

He started this record label back in 2018. And definitely is thinking about working with other record labels to further his career.Itsjackenley– “Thot” is the most recent project that he has launched. It has enlarged his artistic and personal growth that can push him towards new production features and structures in his music. Feel free to check out his music on all platforms under “ itsjackenley ”.

« thanks to my family who have always supported me. To his Mother Jeannette Estimable, and to his father Anglad Deshommes. To Edwine DESORME, Anette Amazan , Daphca Deshommes, Mislenn Deshomes, Shelcie Petit (sisters); and Wolson Deshommes, Gladimyr Deshommes, Johnny Deshommes, Sadly Deshommes , Frantz Petit (brothers)».

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