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Interview With Upcoming Connecticut Artist Fetti

What is your name/stage name?

Where are you from?
Hartford, Connecticut

What do you do?
Recording Artist

How long have you been making music?
I’ve been making music seriously for about 2 years now.
I used to make music when I was 12 years old but of
course that didn’t get me anywhere.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?
I would have to say NBA Youngboy. He’s just a kid from
the trenches just like me that made it big with his
talent, even with the world against him.

What genre of music do you create?
I make all types of Hip-hop.

What was it like working with (collabs?)
Working with PrimeO is a regular thing, that’s my brother.
So whenever we get in the studio we just
have the best chemistry.

What are some features you have?
Right now I have features from some other great artists.
Such as EBK E, Xhulooo, TrapGoKrazy, GMB Swizzy, PrimeO,
40Round Bakez, HeySwoosh, and many
more that’s coming real soon.

What are some features you want to get?
I would like to work with Iayze, Rich Amiri, Summrs,
Rio Da Yung OG, and RMC Mike.

Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?
Pi’erre Bourne…He’s one of my favorite artists ever. He’s
just a musical genius, I think he would coach
me to be a better artist myself.

Are you signed to a label?
No, I am not signed to anyone.

Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none?
I do want a record deal but there’s no rush. I just want to make
sure when a deal comes my way that I’m ready and it makes sense to sign.

Who are your biggest supporters?
To be honest my biggest supporter would have to be my big brother Bizzio.
Ever since I started making music he’s been pushing me. For example,
whenever I go on Facebook or Instagram I see posts from him. It’ll be
him, my nieces, and my nephew. They’ll be live streaming with only my
music playing. Now that’s love I appreciate things like that.

Where did your name come from?
People would think it came from Fettywap or something but no. I was about
13, and I thought about other words for money so I just chose “Fetti”.
I had to make it unique and stand out.

What are you currently working on?
Right now I’m just working on my sound, I usually hop on Detroit or Chicago
sounding beats. Lately I’ve been making Pluggnb songs just for fun. I want
to evolve as an artist.

What is your latest release?
My latest release was my song “By Myself” out now on all platforms.
I tried to make a song about my depression to uplift others that
are out here suffering.

When is your next release?
As of right now I’m planning to drop my EP “Fetti Bezos” sometime
in July. Before then I will be dropping singles spontaneously.

Instagram / Twitter:

Instagram: @KingFetti

Twitter: @NBKFetti

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