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What are you currently working on?

“I am currently working on my new single Either Way”

What is your latest release?

“My latest release streaming on all platforms right now is called FLEX”

When is your next release?

Real soon!

 Are you the type to pull up alone or with a group of people?

By myself. I can think better alone”

 What is one stage you want to sell-out?

“Honestly everyone step on!”

 Where is one place you want to travel to 


New York

 What’s the biggest crowd that you have 

performed for?

“My college predawn (ECU)” 1000+

 Who’s someone you can see yourself on tour with?

“lil baby, meek mill, da baby”

 Who produces your music?

“A few local producers in my city”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“As 1 of the top 10 hip hop artist in the world going hard taking car my family and business”

 What’s your favorite clothing brand?


 Where do you shop?

“NeverEnoughApparel I create my own clothes”

 What’s your favorite type of car?

Cadillac CTS

What’s your favorite place to travel to?


Did COVID change your career for better or worse?

“COVID kinda help me because it gave me a chance to actually lock in and focus on my career”


What’s your name ?

Keishmund Taylor

Where are you from?

Ayden NC

When did you start making music?

“I started making Music in 2018”

Where can we find you mostly, in the studio or 

in the club?

“You can definitely find me vibing out in the club but definitely the studio most of the time”

Who is your childhood hero?

“Definitely my mother”

What’s the best way for someone reading this to find you on social media, what’s your main platform?

Instagram @1theneverenoughguy

Do you have anything to share with the fans, any hints on new songs or collaborations?

“We working”

#neverenough #swaggertownrecords

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