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Interview With Recording Artist Rod Dav

What is your name?

Rod Dav

Where are you from?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
How long have you been in the music industry?
17 years
What is your biggest music accomplishment?
I’ve been in contact with a few Industry artist, giving me direction. I got almost a million dollar deal on the table.
What’s your next move?
I’m feat on 3 mixtapes, The Playmaker 50 state push, Cairo Dyvine Family First, and Burn em Southside 2 mixtapes, including My solo album/mixtape chess not checkers.
Are you working on any projects?
I’m working on mixtape/album titled CheckMate Vol 1 and a ton of feats.
Where do you see yourself in 1 year?
Doing more shows, getting more recognition and working with bigger artist, I want to help my city get the recognition it deserves.
Who inspired you to make music?
Coo Coo Cal, Baby Drew, Money I’z, the 21st century Riders, 8 ball and Mjg, Tupac, and a few others.
What producers have you been working with?
Tezzle on the beat, Richy Slims, Digi Mech, Kartel Mezy, K.E onthe track, Gorjis, Blazian Beats and a few others
Musical influences?
I was heavily influenced by artist from my city, same people that inspired me. Baby Drew, coo coo cal, Kyoz, Homie 45, Toub milliyon and others.
What age did you start making music?
11 years old
What place/event do you wanna perform at?
The Madison Square Garden
Did anybody push you to make music?
I pushed myself, I had to make others believe by believing in myself. It all starts with you, the younger artist in Milwaukee and The Playmaker been pushing lately.
What do you want the fans to take from your music?
I want my fans to know that anything is possible, and never give up on your dreams no matter how long it takes, commitment, faith, and labor will make it all work.
Pain don’t last forever, and with god you can do anything. Get Money
Instagram:  @roddav414
YouTube:  Rod Dav
Facebook: @roddavblaze

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