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Interview With Recording Artist Recold TooCold

1. How would you describe your musical style?

Lil durk, nba Youngboy, ace boogie



2. What is the first album you owned?

I haven’t actually owned one yet.



3. How do you prepare before going up on stage?

I don’t prepare I just be ready cause it’s my passion I love music so I be anxious to see how the fans react to my music.

4. If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?

Patrone and orange juice lol.



5. What’s a song that has been stuck in your head these days?

Honestly I haven’t had a specific one because I listen to different music all day music is me.


6. Who’s your favorite artist?

Future Hendrix🤟🏽


7. Tell us about the first song you made. Was it a success or a failure?

Lol I been doin this since a kid I was alright at first but over the years I’ve grew in became a master at it💪🏾 But the first Song I made was called where you been it was most definitely uh club banger🤟🏽


8. What is the story behind  “FILL IN BLANK”

Yunno I come from a big family broken home so it caused me to write about my life in my songs.


9.If you could pick one or the other, what would you choose, the money or the fame?

It would be the money cause I have ppl with needs that’s depending on me🤞🏽


10.If you could go back in time or in the future, which one would you choose and why? Time because I’ve learned so much growing up I’m 27 but I wish I was 17 lol just to redo some things.

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