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Interview With Leek B

What is your name/stage name?

Leek B

When is your birthday?

September 25, 1996

Where are you from?

Maywood IL

What do you do?

I currently work in retail & fashion. I also own and operate my own talent agency and record label on the side.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since 2011 but I have been professionally releasing music since 2017.

What was your first song/project?

My first song was a remix of tory lanes song say it. Officially released on Soundcloud.

Who’s your inspiration?

Honestly, my inspiration has been myself. Being the oldest child and getting involved in the Chicago culture it’s a lot of things I couldn’t openly talk about. Whether it was emotionally or physically so music became a therapeutic coping mechanism.

What genre of music do you create?

I create hip hop & R&B music mostly and on occasions gospel music keep intact with the roots my grandma and mom both instilled in me.

 Do you come up with your video concepts?

Yes, I come up with all my video concepts myself.

What was it like working with Day Underscore?

Working with Day really set the whole ‘being a rapper’ & really putting in the work in the studio.\ I first reached out to him to for a custom beat & feature. Both Day & his manager Five are like a musical experts. They treated me like family from day one.  I still remember when I linked with him at his home studio in blue island. He probably made me redo the same 3-4 bars like 30 times because I didn’t have enough emphasis in my voice. I don’t even know if I would still be making music if I wouldn’t have had that experience with him.

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