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Iman Bashir Lists 5 Key Attributes All True Artists Must Possess

A​rtists are unique, dynamic, and multi-faced individuals, and we find them in many industries. Artists are the brains behind so much of what we see and work with designing our products, user experiences, and content. It takes a real commitment to succeed as an artist, and the attributes they possess often set them apart from the majority of individuals. Iman Bashir lists five key attributes all true artists must have.

SEO specialist and entrepreneur Iman Bashir founded Crafty.AI, a female-run AI-powered copywriting company. “Art is at the core of all development,” explains Iman. “Whether in digital development or out in the real world, design is the biggest part of creation.” Artists are now in higher demand than ever before, and she shares what defines a true artist.

1​. Passion and dedication

“​Art and design require a high level of attention and work,” states Iman. “It takes an incredibly passionate and dedicated person to see a project through and ensure the result is perfect. Artists can see projects through multiple redesigns, making them some of the most passionate and dedicated people on your team.”

2​. A willingness to try new things

“​Art develops from the ability to try new things and allows them to push your boundaries,” explains Iman. “Successful artists know they can’t succeed without learning through change. A great artist is going to look at new things as a good challenge.”

3​. Intuition

“​Every artist has intuition. It is a part of the job. Artists need to be able to envision the future, and the ones who do it well let their intuition power their work,” explains Iman. “Intuition is an absolute must, and true artists always take the time to develop and refine this skill so that it produces great work poised for a world that can take on the future.”

4​. Insight

“​Artists have to design particular projects according to client requests, and that takes a bit of insight on the part of the designer,” states Iman. “A little insight can go a long way because sometimes it might be difficult to verbalize or explain what you might be looking for. A true artist will decipher your vision and combine that with your needs.”

5​. Compassion


“​At the end of the day, we are all trying to solve a problem,” says Iman. “True artists have a natural inclination towards compassion, which makes them exceptional visionaries. What an artist creates is often what we might only be able to feel. Their deep level of compassion inspires them to create.”

Either art you hang on the wall or art through design, Iman Bashir believes that with these five attributes, artists continue to make the world a better place through their creations.

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