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IAmYungReef Is a Name Worth Mentioning

Hey IAmYungReef How are you?

I am doing very fine & very great I can’t complain at all, thanks for asking.


What is your biggest achievement?

My biggest achievement & accomplishments during my music career was making it to Genz Hip Hop Magazine & receiving 2.5k streams on my latest music video “Chocolate Beauty” featuring @Javon_Musiq & AG Chaco Deh Legend which was released on my youtube channel “IAmYungReef” Dec 24th , 2020 .


Who is your biggest inspiration ?

One of my biggest inspiration who inspired me to keep pursuing my music career is Musso @Mvsoo_ because I watched him progress over the past few years from start to now & I am proud to say that I am one of his close affiliates and close friend who has watched him grow as an local artist to a star that he is now.

My second biggest inspiration who inspired me to get into singing is my older brother Blacq Child [ @Blacqchildmusic ] on instagram . Blacq Child inspired me to become a singer just by hearing him sing when i was starting off my music career as a 12 to 13 yr old kid / teenager .

Where do you see yourself in 1 year ?

In 1 year I see my instagram , facebook and more followers getting up there to 50k – 100K or more followers. I also see myself getting verified on all social media platforms & music platforms and owning my own record label company Tp Records Music Recordings as a business the official way with an LLC .

Where are you from?

I am originally from Monrovia , Liberia but grew up in Northeast Philadelphia PA.

How old are you?

I am 25 years of age

Are you working on any projects ?

I am working on my next single , ep & albums.

What are you in this industry for ?

I am in this music industry because i love music , music helps to keep me distracted from all negative aspects of this world . I also feel like writing and recording music is the only way that I can express myself and say how I feel.


What’s your next move ?

My first move is to release a single with a music visual from either my ep , or album . My next move is to receive a full signing deal from Swaggertown Records for a few more years to help grow my artistry

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