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How rapper WunTayk Timmy is setting new benchmarks in the music industry

Life has always been a tumultuous cycle of obstacles and difficulties for rapper WunTayk Timmy. Born and brought up in Louisville, Kentucky, the musician has been passionate about music since his early childhood days. He has been recording songs on his sound recorder since the day his grandmother brought home a computer. Although he was merely ten years old, little WunTayk invested enormous amounts of time, dedication and effort into making music. It is true that the thought of pursuing music as a profession might not have been on his mind until he was in high school. However, the intense influence that music had in his life was unparalleled. It was one of his primary emotional outlets.

Louiseville, which is known for giving birth to many talented WunTayk Timmy has finally shed light on the true potential of this seemingly overlooked city. The talented rapper has a rather rigorous creative process in order to produce the best music for his fans. Some of his most popular releases include UnderDawg and Don’t be mad. In fact, he is also planning to release a much anticipated project called ‘Mr Rap’ in September this year. This title is rather innovative and holds a personal significance for him. Mr Rap is actually the short version of Make Rappers Rap again and it symbolises the true identity of WunTayk Timmy. He has been working day and night with Atlanta’s DJ Screamon on this project for more than a week and a half. Thus, his fans can rest assured that they will be far from disappointed.

If you do not wish to miss out on this, you can stay updated on all his upcoming releases through social media:



You can also follow him on multiple music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple music. His lyrics and song productions have oftentimes been compared with that of Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole.

WunTayk Timmy, who is also called the best rapper alive, has undergone many difficulties in life such as losing his brother at a young age, confronting harsh realities of the music industry and many more. However, he never gave up and instead strived with greater dedication and effort. His story has inspired countless aspiring musicians to never let anything disrupt their path to achieving success.

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