French Montana’s Unfiltered Reflections in ’10 Toes’ Visual



French Montana invites fans to witness his unfiltered reflections in the newly released music video for “10 Toes.” The track, dropped on January 18, serves as a powerful testament to the artist’s authenticity and candid storytelling.

The video captures moments from a recent concert where French commands the stage, leaving an indelible mark on the audience. Backstage scenes with Trina and Jadakiss showcase the genuine connections that define French Montana’s enduring presence in the hip-hop scene.

“10 Toes” offers a sneak peek into the much-anticipated ‘Mac & Cheese 5,’ featuring collaborations with JID, Lil Baby, Rick Ross, and Lil Durk. Despite a brief delay, the project is set to make a significant impact when it lands in February.

French Montana’s lyrics in “10 Toes” provide an unflinching look at the challenges of the rap game, with lines like “Rap game worse than sellin’ crack.” The video concludes with imagery of the artist boarding a private jet, symbolizing the triumphs and sacrifices inherent in his journey.

In 2023, French Montana’s storytelling prowess was showcased in the documentary “For Khadija,” premiered at the Tribeca Festival. The film, a tribute to his mother, explores the profound sacrifices made by mothers and resonates with anyone who has faced adversity while striving for success.

Immerse yourself in French Montana’s unfiltered reflections with the “10 Toes” video below and appreciate the artist’s genuine and impactful narrative.

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