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Flipzworld: One of The Stars of Today


         Flipzworld, like many others has been through his fair share of hard times. Some attribute that to his heightened musical and creation talents. Today, he has now shown that he has all the potential necessary to reach iconic status in the entertainment industry. He’s ready for the world but there’s no telling whether or not the world is ready for all that Flipzworld has to offer. Dropping dazzling singles such as one of his most recent “Grounded” it’s evident the emerging star is set to be among the greatest around the city. His love for the music itself is more than prevalent in both his music and everyday life. He hopes his hard work will be an inspiration to others like him.

                    After making major noise all year, there’s no telling how many more hits Flipzword will release. Garnering engagement naturally and consistently daily, the go getter is definitely on his way to everlasting notoriety. Keep an eye out, as a lot is yet to unveil for this young star, and you won’t want to miss it!

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