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FK Hershey Is a Name Worth Mentioning

Q:What is your name/stage name?


A: FK Hershey


Q:Where are you from?


A: From West Palm Beach, FL bottom of the map 


Q:What do you do?


A: I make music that connects with my fans & audience to create an authentic sound that everyone can relate to cause at the end of the day we all humans and got emotions. 


Q:How long have you been making music?


A: I been making music for about 5 years now so since I was 16. 


Q:Who’s your biggest  inspiration?


A: My biggest inspiration gotta be Rod Wave, feel like I relate to him the most & his music so genuine. Heard his story and we come from the same place seeing him make it, I know I can too. 


Q:What genre of music do you create?


A: I feel like I create all types of genres but mainly Rap/Hip-Hop. 


Q:What was it like working with (collabs?)


A: Easygoing, I like working with a creative mind that gives inputs and builds the image of a song cause music is really art. So if you can paint a picture with somebody and for somebody, that’s a song that’s always gon stick with them. 


Q: What are some features you have?


A: I worked with HBK King, FK Lubo, 23.k, but currently working on a project right now with DQJ. 


Q: What are some features you want to get?


A: Off rip, Rod Wave is already one. I feel like me and Quando Rondo would also slide on a track though.


Q:Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?


A: Dead or alive, I’d have to say Lil Poppa, he really slept on but I mess with his flow and delivery. I know we could rip a track pretty soon together.


Q:Are you signed to a label?

Not signed currently, Independent Artist.


Q:Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none?

A:Yeah I feel like a distribution deal would do me good.


Q:Who are your biggest supporters?

A: Biggest supports gotta be friends & family. They keep me going, obviously the fans do what they do. But the biggest of them all would be my girl. 


Q:Where did your name come from?

A: It actually comes from my first name so it ain’t too random, and Hershey just clicked right away. Feel like nobody could label themself as me or after me. And it’s been FK from the jump.


Q:What are you currently working on?

A: Currently I’m working on two projects. One is Pain Flow the other, Panic Station named after one of my singles.


Q:What is your latest release?

A: My latest release is The Real Hershey, like an Intro EP you can’t really hop in the game like you known so I felt the need to introduce myself and what I’m about on that EP. 


Q:When is your next release?

A: Pain Flow dropping 2022 of November.


music link:


Instagram / Twitter @ names 




Preview YouTube video Burner Cell (feat. HBK King)


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