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Fat Joe Disputes Jealousy Claims in 2Pac’s Circle

Fat Joe recently addressed Daz Dillinger’s assertion that individuals associated with Death Row Records couldn’t have been jealous of 2Pac because they were instrumental in his success. During an Instagram Live session, Joe countered the notion that jealousy existed within 2Pac’s inner circle.

In his response, Joe recalled a specific moment when he witnessed 2Pac’s immense popularity firsthand at a Big Daddy Kane concert, emphasizing that 2Pac was already a superstar before joining Death Row Records. He highlighted the collaborative effort in creating hits and expressed his belief that jealousy wasn’t a factor among the artists.

Suge Knight’s remarks on jealousy, featured in a podcast episode, were also referenced. Knight suggested that envy arose within Death Row as 2Pac’s fame overshadowed others. However, Joe dismissed this, attributing any discord to external influences rather than genuine jealousy among peers.

Joe’s perspective sheds light on the dynamics within the music industry during 2Pac’s era, emphasizing collaboration and camaraderie over rivalry. His insights provide a nuanced understanding of the relationships and motivations driving artists during a pivotal period in hip-hop history.

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