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After the conclusion of the old times, it was a new beginning for Endtimez. For the last three years, Orlando, Florida-based rapper, Endtimez, has been converting his pain into his music. His earliest work dates to his middle school days where he published under different stage names. After he began going by Endtimez as well as dropping a freestyle, he began to gain traction and was featured on blogs like Saycheese, HipHopsRevival, and DomIsLiveNews. His work led to comparisons to Eminem which in turn began to make waves on several different popular pages across Instagram.

Not everything was so smooth up to that point. After surviving a suicide attempt at 16, his sound has evolved alongside him. His vested interest in creating music that’s relatable for others struggling with their mental health has made him an appealing figure in a unique avenue of the hip hop community. Endtimez draws inspiration from Eminem and cites his sound and his struggles as common ground for him as a rapper and mentions XXX’s versatility, vulnerability and rawness being three things he appreciated about the late artist. He shows love to his family at Studio18 for helping him create his sound and hopes to continue to make music with a message to listeners knowing they can deal with whatever is thrown in their path. Endtimez is not signed to a label currently but with new projects, Alienated and PTSD debuting soon, that may change. We live in a time and a place where so many people lack the ability or willingness to express how they’re feeling. Endtimez has and will continue to rap, rhyme, and lyricize the words that so many people can’t say themselves. For more Endtimez, follow him on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, SoundClould and Spotify.

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