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Emerging California Rapper and Producer Feezy350 A.K.A Goodbroda Preach Continues to Rise in 2022

Beginning his musical pursuit over 25 years ago, Feezy350 has consistently honed his craft and evolved his sound.  Coming up in the mixtape era, the rapper/producer has both new and old influence present in his style.  That’s not all though. From his own personal up bringing and life experiences to those he shared with other celebrities; they all contributed to making him into the man he is today.

Although Feezy350 may not exactly be a household name just yet, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t worked with names of such status. B.O.B. T-Pain, Wayne, and Wacka are only but a few individuals’ worth mentioning. In addition, one of the many companies under his belt is EASPORTS having successfully closed a deal with EASPORTS to be credited in both Madden 07 and NBALive 07 which were both more than well received by his fans.  Excelling in every area of his musical world, the future looks bright for this upcoming star.


Stream his music and Follow Feezy350 & Goodbrodatv Below:



Feezy350 aka Goodbroda aka Kingfeezy350 – Feezy350 aka Goodbroda



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