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Chrisean Rock Exposes Alleged Plot: Wack 100’s Goons Target Blueface’s Home


In a shocking revelation, Chrisean Rock, renowned rapper and reality star, has come forward with allegations against Wack 100, accusing him of orchestrating a scheme to rob Blueface’s residence. This incident unfolds against the backdrop of Blueface’s absence, as he currently finds himself behind bars.

During a candid livestream, Rock didn’t mince her words as she described the harrowing ordeal allegedly inflicted upon her and her infant child. She directly addressed Wack 100, who serves as Blueface’s manager, vehemently asserting, “You must be the motherfucker that sent them n-ggas here to rob us. The n-gga talking about it didn’t happen. Who the fuck would play with some shit like that, bro? We got a kid, yo!”

The intensity of her accusations reverberated throughout social media platforms, sparking waves of concern and speculation among fans and followers alike. Rock continued her impassioned narrative, shedding light on the tumultuous aftermath of Blueface’s incarceration, suggesting a motive behind the purported attack. “Since Blue got locked up, everybody got mad about who’s in the house. Y’all don’t like the n-gga’s phone and y’all don’t like my dumb shit. So y’all sending weird people to the house. Okay, I got it,” she proclaimed.

However, amidst the fervor of Rock’s claims, Wack 100 swiftly responded, refuting the allegations through his Instagram Stories. According to him, a review of the house cameras yielded no evidence of any robbery or suspicious activity. Despite Wack’s counterargument, Rock remained resolute, urging him to cease his denials and confront the truth.

The saga escalated further when Rock recounted the chilling encounter allegedly involving Blueface’s father, who purportedly faced armed assailants in the driveway. Undeterred by the looming threat, Rock expressed unwavering determination to safeguard her child and confront any challenges head-on.

As the controversy continues to unfold, the hip-hop community braces for further developments, grappling with the implications of these startling allegations. With tensions running high and stakes escalating, only time will tell how this gripping saga will ultimately unravel.

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