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Chief Keef Drops “F**k The World,”


FTP Records, in collaboration with Sematary, Hackle, and the iconic Chief Keef, has unleashed an explosive anthem titled “F**k The World,” setting the tone for a high-octane 2024. This latest release marks a powerful entry into the new year, showcasing the collective’s unapologetic and intense energy.

Emerging from the FKTHEPOPULATION merch brand, FTP Records is poised for a breakthrough in 2024, hinting at an upcoming mixtape that is already generating significant buzz. To amplify the anticipation, the group strategically dropped “Fk The World,” a track that brings together the dynamic talents of Sematary, Hackle, and Chief Keef.

The single pulsates with aggressive and misanthropic verses, delivering a raw and unfiltered sonic experience. The instrumental, characterized by intense distortion, draws inspiration from early Chicago drill sounds and harsh trap styles, complemented by mixtape-style DJ drops. This amalgamation of elements creates a visceral listening experience that captures the essence of the collective’s disruptive artistry.

Chief Keef, known for his recent remix of Sexyy Red’s chart-topping hit, brings his signature wild delivery and unbridled rage to “F**k The World.” His contribution amplifies the track’s intensity, leaving listeners immersed in the unapologetic energy that defines the collaboration.

As FTP Records continues to push boundaries and redefine the hip-hop landscape, this latest release reaffirms their commitment to pushing the envelope. The fusion of Sematary, Hackle, and Chief Keef’s distinct styles creates a sonic journey that not only reflects the artists’ prowess but also resonates with the rebellious spirit of their audience.

With the promise of an upcoming mixtape, FTP Records is positioned to make a lasting impact in 2024, cementing their status as trailblazers in the hip-hop scene. “F**k The World” serves as a compelling introduction to what lies ahead, inviting fans to join the collective on a relentless journey of sonic exploration and artistic expression.

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