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4Steppa has been making a name for himself across the underground scene for some time now with his great ear for outlandish beats and prolific approach to music-making that initially established him within the last embers of the “SoundCloud scene” as OEG which we first knew and now has seen him reinvent himself even further and push himself to be even more experimental in his sound, linking up with many of the best young new producers around to help him further mature his sound and make it more unmistakable, in a lane where artists are far too okay with sounding like teach other.
 If you haven’t listened to 4Steppas  new single Close to Me yet I would definitely recommend that you stop whatever you are doing and get fully immersed in the sound tht this artist has to offer and I am honestly hoping that this artist continues to create amazing music. He is able to paint a picture with his lyrics which not alot of artists have that skill and makes him stand out from his peers. $stepppa has taken to instagram to announce his upcoming project that he had worked on closely for two years and is hoping to get a good reaction from his fans that have eagerly waited for new music for a long time
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