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Brixx Proves Himself In “Lean On” (Official Music Video)

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Brixx is making it all out as an independent artist. His most significant supporters, who push him to work harder, are his family and the city. He is surrounded by a friendly and positive group of people, thus making friendly and incredible music. This solid support that includes that of his fans shows how great he is as a person. It shows excellent individuality, especially in interacting with other people. Fascinatingly, the streets gave him the name Brixx. Brixx songs display an intuitive point of view, natural and relatable content. These features are not surprising as he 100% writes his material. He speaks out his mind, and that is how well he connects with his fans. In regards to music video concepts, Brixx also creates them severally, but it all depends on his very nobble director, bro chek. He has a few highly talented producers adding to the magic in his songs. Brixx further finds inspiration by listening to rap songs, which is also his favorite music genre. 

Instagram: @1Brixx_ 

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