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Big Hit Claps Back at Nipsey Hussle Comparisons with Hilarious Skit


Big Hit, known for his sharp wit and infectious humor, recently took to Instagram to address the ongoing comparisons between him and the late Nipsey Hussle. In a side-splitting skit, the rapper, accompanied by his signature humor, shut down conspiracy theories with a touch of comedy.

The skit opens with a bystander pointing out the striking resemblance between Big Hit and Nipsey Hussle. But Big Hit, ever the comedian, responds with a playful dismissal, asserting his own identity. “Stop playing with me, bruh,” he quips, before brushing off allegations about the Illuminati with a hearty laugh.

Accompanied by his son Hit-Boy, Big Hit recently had a hilarious studio moment discovering the true ethnicity of The Alchemist, a veteran producer he’s long admired. The revelation left Big Hit in stitches as he realized his misconception.

Commenters joined in on the fun, praising Big Hit for his comedic timing and authenticity. Boldy James even chimed in, adding to the laughter with his own witty remark.

Big Hit’s response to the Nipsey Hussle comparisons not only showcases his comedic prowess but also highlights the absurdity of conspiracy theories in the hip-hop community. With his humor and authenticity, Big Hit continues to captivate audiences both on and off the stage.

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