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B Martin Is Using The Same Pen Game To Write Hits And Close Record Deals.

I’ve been hit up a lot lately saying that I need to check out “B Martin”. I’ll go to a random event and overhear his name being discussed. I went on a date recently and she brought his music up. So I begrudgingly went to see what all the hype was about.
I first landed on his song “Sober Love” by B, Pryces and Tolan. It was R&B dreamy ear candy. So I listened to “Difference” by him and Setou & Senyo. It was so fire, but this time, EDM. I went to his next biggest song – “Fire In My Veins”. I found myself hype! Bopping my head like I did to Old School Jay Z. I couldn’t believe all these songs were the same vocalist.
I did a little more digging,  and it turns out he co-wrote and vocal produced Brandon Montel’s catalog. From “Alive” to “Love Lockdown” – it was some of the best R&B x EDM fusion I’ve ever heard.
Popping over to his IG – I got a taste of his entrepreneurial spirit. B Martin owns a recording studio, record label and PR Firm in Los Angeles named Purpose Driven Records.
B may operate his own label – but he knows how to extend an olive branch and keep partnerships strong.  He recently signed singles to Major Dance Labels like Soave Records, SSL Music, Youth Energy, Chapter 8 and many more.
His vocals will be featured on upcoming releases with Major EDM DJ’s such as: BassBears, Setou & Senyo, Noa Klay, VLLN, New Beat Order, Sam Smyers, and JKLN… Combined, they have over 10 Million Monthly Listeners. This will be a big year for B Martin.
Go check out B Martin on Spotify and his  Socials:

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