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Artist Josh Newman Ends The Year Strong 

Josh Newmann is a musical artist on the scene today who is enjoying the success he’s achieved after a long journey to the top. Even after all he’s accomplished so far, he looks forward to continuing his music career and taking things to the next level as an artist.

By collaborating with top artists today, Newmann has been able to learn from industry greats and use their feedback to level up his craft. As a mostly self-taught man, Newmann employs a 24/7 grind mentality and knows how to hustle to get his way to the top. He explains:

“Everything I learned was self-taught. It was a rough journey; however, I do not regret any of it. I feel like this is the best way to learn.”

Newmann values networking and connections, and is sure to never burn any bridges. Even though he notes that networking hasn’t always been easy for him since he entered the music scene, it’s now one of the most powerful tools that he employs. Networking is key in any industry, but especially in the entertainment space where it’s all about who you know.

No stranger to late nights, Newmann explains that even when times get tough, he always finds a way to de-stress by hitting the gym for killer workouts and by meditating at least twice each day. By staying motivated and hungry for success, Newmann has been able to easily hurdle over any setbacks and always keep going no matter the challenges in his way .

To those coming up today, he stresses how necessary a hard work ethic is, and that you should always stay humble with a laser focus on what actually matters. Being someone who fought his way to the top, he knows better than anyone how far hard work and dedication can take you. He states:

“Never let anybody tell you that you can’t do something.”

Looking ahead to the future, Newmann is excited to release some of the new music he’s been working on, and keep doing collaborations with major artists. There’s no doubt that as he continues to hone in his craft, he’ll be able to dominate the music scene just as he’s done in other facets of his life. Combining his natural talents with his next-level work ethic and dedication, Newmann is sure to keep hitting career milestones left and right both behind the mic and elsewhere.

You can stay up-to-date with Newmann and check out his latest projects by visiting the following links:




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