Aries: Embracing Authenticity Through Raw Expression

Hailing from the heartland of Ohio, Aries is a burgeoning artist whose lyrical prowess and raw authenticity are making waves in the underground rap scene. Born Deonte Davis, Aries found his calling just over a year ago, diving headfirst into the realm of music with a passion that burns brighter with each track he drops.

His journey began with “Slimeworld,” his inaugural piece that marked his entry into the world of music production. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of underground icons such as Jace, Nino Paid, Lucki, and Chief Keef, Aries refuses to confine his sound to any specific genre, preferring instead to let his thoughts flow freely through his verses.

When asked about collaborations, Aries doesn’t hesitate to name Lucki as his dream collaborator. While he remains unsigned, Aries is open to opportunities, whether they come in the form of a record deal, distribution deal, or none at all. His steadfast commitment to his craft is evident as he continues to write his own material, though he admits he leaves the music video concepts to others.

Aries’s music reflects his love for underground rap, and he’s currently working on more tracks to share with his growing fanbase. His latest release, “Blitz 2.0,” is available on SoundCloud, with more tunes on the horizon. As for live performances, Aries remains open to the idea, with dreams of hitting the road someday, perhaps even touring with fellow artists who share his passion for the craft.

With his beats sourced from platforms like BeatStars and his sights set on achieving his goals, Aries is a name to watch in the coming years. As he continues to evolve as an artist, one thing remains certain: Aries will never compromise his authenticity for the sake of conformity.

For more of Aries’s work, check out his SoundCloud profile here, and be sure to follow him on Instagram here to stay updated on his latest releases and endeavors.

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