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Advice For Upcoming Artists From An Upcoming Artist

I get that I might not be the hottest producer out or even close to it. But I think every artist that’s just coming out the gate deserves to understand the struggles and how to cope with them so that they don’t set you down the wrong path. I’m only 19-years-old, and I’ve been producing for close to 7 of those years. I’ve had ups and downs throughout that time, and sometimes the downs lasted for 3-4 months. But I pushed through those challenges, which is why I’m here writing advice to other upcoming artists/producers.


First things first, don’t do this for the money. Yeah, the money would be nice if you “made it” but to do something artistic for the money is setting yourself up for failure. We don’t realize it, but money isn’t motivation, it might help, but it isn’t the key to becoming a great artist. And once you realize that, it’s the start of something huge. Passion for music and passion for money are two completely separate things.


The next piece of advice I have is to never be closed-minded. You can learn a lot from listening to a little, whether your lyrical ability, music theory, mixing, mastering, etc. We live in a time where you can find out how to do anything with a simple google search, so use it. The moment you stop learning is the moment you choose to trust yourself more than those that have been through it. This isn’t always bad, but one thing I’ve always kept in mind is that I don’t know anything, especially compared to those who have made it.


Be original!! Type beats or using other rappers or artists’ cadences might get you some views and some growth, you have to show what you genuinely have to offer. And copying others is showing the impact that those people had on you instead of what those people taught you. As a producer, I like to mess around with type beats as most do, but unless you’re trying to get that artist on your beat, is it worth being the “type beat” type of person? You’re trying to pave YOUR path, not further someone else’s path. On the flip side, find some people around you or even over the internet that you connect with artistically and get some work in! Nothing is better than being able to go back and forth with other people to get more opinions in your head. Some of the best advice I’ve gotten for producing is from one of my buddies who lives 791 miles away, and it always stuck with me.


My final piece of advice would be to keep up with the challenges and don’t give in to the stress you feel. Like I said earlier, this type of journey has its ups and downs. But the way you react to it is the deciding factor in how the future will end up. If you react to a stressful situation by being stressed out, you’re more than likely going to drown in the stress. While staying open-minded to the stress, might allow you to use it to your advantage to learn from the mistakes made and keep pushing on. It’s a rough ride, but the destination is worth all the pain, confusion, and aggravation that the ride causes!! And never give the critics the satisfaction of knowing they made you feel some sort of way, even if it did make you feel a certain way.

I’ll see you at the top!!!!


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