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Independent New York music recording artist Aaron Reflex releases his new single “718” after the major success of his hit singles Discourage, Tony Montana, Outrageous, & the Pain Melodies EP. Aaron Reflex has been consistently releasing great content online & shows no sign of slowing down as he recently release his new single 718. 

The young ex vine app star (before it was deleted) Aaron Reflex, born Mustafah Aaron Steele is a Singing Rapping artist from Queens, New York. His sound is a very diverse; as it combines rap, soul, R&B, trap, HipHop in one. This artist does what he wants on his songs & he executes well with delivery over smooth groovy beats.

Over the years while still in school; Aaron Reflex would post singing videos and skit videos with his friends to Facebook & Youtube where he is now verified on those platforms as well as Spotify, & other music platforms. Personally Watching Aaron Reflex make progress over time is amazing. I have heard about Aaron Reflex a long time ago on Reddit when he posted remixes to songs every week and the growth of this young talent is undeniable. This artist has been on television, the radio, and multiple music platforms. This artist has also been very focused on school as he would often post himself with friends while at the college in the past.  Now that Aaron is out of school he has been dropping more content like when he was on the Vine app & and making a lot of progress in the music industry & furthering his career as a independent talent. Aaron Reflex is a well respected artist in the music industry and has hundreds of thousands of streams across music platforms. This music artist and focused and has another upcoming music project on the way. 


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