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A Breakdown of The Visual for “Cynical” By Infamous A:

Infamous A, Massachusetts

Check Out the Visual For “Cynical” By Infamous A Below:…/uploads/2022/01/cynical


Q.) Is the music video for “Cynical” your only music video so far?

A.) “It’s currently my fourth music video to date. Earlier in 2021 I went to New York to record the music video for ‘Champion’ featuring Cris Streetz. That video is available on YouTube along with the visuals for ‘Legacy’ and ‘B.M.F’… ‘Cynical’ has the best numbers out of the four, but definitely check those joints out.”


Q.) Who directed “Cynical”?

A.) “New Life Visuals. His Instagram is @NewLifeVisuals_ … his content is original as f**k.”


Q.)  We would usually ask who shot the video, but we see you went with an animated video concept, what was the reasoning behind that choice? 

A.) “I wanted to create a larger-than-life concept of fighting back against certain issues that bother me. Lyrically, Oswin and I both spoke on battling mental health. Visually, I definitely wanted to show some of the trauma that happens around us… so I used the video game concept to get extra creative and we made a whole movie. We blew up cars, shot folks in the head, ran away and never stopped rapping our verse. My most creative idea to date.”


Q.) In the future do you see yourself continuing to do your videos in an animated style?

A.) “Absolutely, I plan on incorporating NBA2K22 next. The gaming community is dope.”


Q.) What was your inspiration for the story behind the video?

A.) “Like I said, it’s my own creativity mixed with my own problems and what gets me going. It’s the Ying and the Yang.”


Q.) Are you happy with the song and videos overall performance so far?

A.) “I am happy… 25k on Spotify and 12k on YouTube. I’m honestly hyped people from different demographics are feeling me, more than anything.”


Q.) How did “Oswin Benjamin” end up on the track?

A.) “I reached out to him through Instagram when I left a verse open and realized how dope he’d sound on that beat. We’ve worked with similar artists before and I consider him an elite lyricist like myself who has similar artistic priorities. I was honored to work with him.”


Q.) What was it like working with him?

A.) “Easy as hell. Dude, he got that verse back to me so fast and his flow patterns, rhyme schemes and references were all so tight, I was blown away… I really enjoyed going back and forth with him on such a lyrical track. He’s a real one, for sure.”


Q.) Do you have plans for other music videos?

A.) “Yea, I’m going to Brooklyn to link up with Ren Thomas to shoot a video for our collab record, which hasn’t come out yet… this one won’t be in animation, but I’m loaded with ideas and unreleased plans. Definitely stay tuned for one, two or three new music videos.”


Q.) What about other features?

A.) “My album will be featuring Cris Streetz, Gio Dee, Ren Thomas and Oswin Benjamin… I have a couple more in the works but those are going to stay lowkey, for now.”


Q.) Is there anybody not yet mentioned you’d like to shout out and or thank?

A.) “Everybody who supports me and my work, I got to say thank you. My numbers went up big time in 2021 and that motivates me. I look forward to reaching more people in 2022.”


Q.) We know you’re very busy so we’ll wrap this up but before we do, would you be willing to give us an inside scoop of something you’re working on that we should all be looking forward to?

A.) “My debut album, an upcoming podcast and my next music video. I’m working on everything I’m setting my mind too, but the album is gonna be great and you can follow me on Instagram to stay tapped in.”


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Check Out the Visual For “Cynical” By Infamous A Below:…/uploads/2022/01/cynical

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